Monday, 18 November 2013

Does 'happy ever after' really exist?

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I have something to ponder about today.. It may seem like a subjective topic but somehow it has no right-wrong answer for this. It's just a matter of our faith - I guess so. 

I love to watch fairy tales.. Especially Barbie. *you laugh at me?? 
It may seem just a fairy story for you but as for me it teaches me a lot about life. The cartoons are not just as plain as they are but the way they talk it looks real. And, I love it so much. My tears also fall down when it comes to the certain scenes. 

Hmm.. But Im not gonna talk about Barbie here. But, the thing that captures my attention is the last statement or sentence at the end of the story which is "Finally, they lived happily ever after.."

My brain is starting thinking about it. Does it really exist in this worldly life? What is the exact definition of 'live happily' there? Is it just a lexical word without any unseen meaning behind it? 

I can accept this if the concept is similar to mine. Emm.. Live happily ever after is not denying the true colours of this life. What I mean here is as long as we breathe in this world, we have to endure pain, tears but not to forget we also will encounter such a bliss situation and we could smile all days and nights. Even though so many events either officially or unofficially occur, yet we still enjoy this life. Anything happens when we relate to the Creator, everything is 'happy'. When we have so many blessings we still could kneel down and put our forehead on the ground,this is 'happy'. When you endure the toughest event in your life and you perform prayers as you usually do, which is on time, that is 'happy'. I could conclude that whatever happens in your life either that is the happiest thing or the worst one, but it never interferes with your relationship with God, that is 'happy'. 

In order to make the statement comes true, it is so easy. Just take care of your relationship with Allah.. Then you will live the life happily ever after. Taraaa..!! I just solved a puzzle r! ^^

P:s - I would like to remind myself and the readers, do not replace your 'real happiness' with the 'fake' one. You know what is fake happiness? The things that make you happy temporarily is the fake happiness. What is 'real happiness' then? Of course the things that assure you to be happy not just in this worldly life but also after life. - This is the real ever after. =) Insha Allah.


Yeah its true guys! It's never too late to live happily ever after.  We are the one who responsible for this. Not anyone else..


  1. cantik la tikah....nice ^_^

  2. Najaa : Excited! haha. xsangka singgah jgk kat blog den yg tah apa2 ni. Moga ada ilmu yg bmanfaat yg boleh bawak balik bila melangkah keluar dr blog den ni :) Thanks for reading.