Saturday, 9 November 2013

I Love Myself

Assalamualaikum wbt...

It always ends up this way
We keep on giving 
All that we have
To someone that never knows
how to appreciate those.

Why all these happen?
Ask yourself.
You are the one who allows
You are the one who let the person hurt you
Take your heart
And breaks it into pieces
You collect it then
Put it back
Once again
You lend it back!

Is this what's happening to you?
You don't even know how to say 'No"
You don't know how to be firm
You are too kind-hearted

No, no!
It's not that way
Do not be too pushy
It's not your faults
for being a kind person
It's just a matter of attribute
and attitude.

You wanna know something?
Your love is too priceless
It just only that person is blind
Does not see what have you done
And do not care about you
You have met a wrong person
That person is not for you.
Believe in me.

Stop doing what are you doing right now
Stop giving your last pieces of heart
Train your heart to let the person go
Put on your mind
You won't lose anything if you decide this
The person is the one who is 'finished'
As he has lost someone 
Who cares too much
Who loves too much
Who concerns too much
Hurt too much in the end.

Whatever it is
Life must go on
That is not the end of the world
Our somber day won't be long
Your happiness is coming through all ways
Be ready to welcome 'em!

Smiles.. It's sadaqah! ^^ 

Last but not least,
say this to youself : I Love Myself So Much!

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