Friday, 8 November 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Alhamdulillah.. Jumaah again ^^

When I was about to sleep last night, my mind, my heart was thinking about something. Erm.. Actually I couldn't sleep.. After 2 hours and something like that and it was almost 230 am I guessed, I fell into sleep.. Never mind.. I am not going to talk about 'insomnia' here~~~ 


With big-hearted I proudly say, I would like to talk about SINCERITY. And, I think it's a major part when doing something where that 'sincerity' will determine everything. I come across something.. "If you are to call my mom, talk from your sincere heart.. As my mom is a sincere-hearted reader. *huh???really??? Hmm.. If 'you' are going to call my mom.. If and if.. *sigh.. I guess, every single of us can detect who has been sincere with us and who's not. Am I right? 

When we go deeper into a relationship matter, sincerity is the crucial element. If the one who claims that he/she loves you so muchee, he/she must show some effort. Not effortless action but meaningful ones. What I mean here is, if someone is seriously wants you in their life, the person will make an effort to be in. Get what I mean?? Maybe from the women's perspective, effort that they can show or hand in is by showing him how serious you want him to be in your life. But, serious here is not you have to give him 'everything'. Its alarming here!!! Noooo.. not everythinggg.. Maybe asking him about your marriage. But not to keep asking as men can't be pushed too much. Ask with kindness. Not to push. okay? Besides that, you also have to be firm in this matter. You ask him to call your mom or dad if he is really serious with this relationship. If he gives so many excuses, tut tut.. just give it a call lah. If you get what I mean.. Hmm.. If he started giving excuses here and there, I am suggesting you to not to put so much hope on him. I do not want to say that he is not serious with you, but.. I don't know.. You think yourself. 

If he still has no time and space to come and meet up with your parents at least for ta'aruf session, calling your parent is one of the alternatives until a day has been decided. Nevertheless, if he is really serious with this relation, no matter what, he will manage to find some times for this. Believe me. Everything that we do will show how sincere we are but not to deny only Allah knows best regarding this sincere matter..

Last but not least...

Keep praying sisters and brothers.. Marriage needs a patient couple to stay until you die. Until we have wrinkles on our face.. However, do not forget to ask for a spouse who is the best for you. Only God knows best pertaining this. He is the One who created us. Of course He knows the best. So, keep praying yeah. And, try to change the unwanted behaviour before your happy day comes. If you are a bad-tempered person, try to change it. That will harm your marriage soon. List out the undesired behavior and suggest a few ways to overcome those. But please remember this. If you are changing any of the unwanted behavior, do change because of Allah. Not your loved one. Because Allah is there forever, and our loved one is there for temporary, what happens if Allah takes her.him away from us? Do we collect those behaviours back? Think about this.

That's all from me! ^^ Wallahu'alam.

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