Monday, 12 August 2013

I am nobody..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

#Syawal 5

Life is so hard
Tears and smiles
Both are my friends
Not sure
Which is the closest one.

I just try to get up
See things gracefully
Be grateful
Watch people's life
So I could get something from there
Precious and priceless lesson.

Mistake is the best teacher
Without them we do not learn
Experience and feel it by heart
The only way we could adapt
Wake up and be lively for today.

A new day is a new beginning
I don't collect the pieces of yesterday
After I wake up from sleep
It's a sign
Chance to change.

What am I waiting for?
Live my life
To the fullest I could
Paint it with bright colours
Push aside the dulls one
So you can see how better your day could be!

People make mistakes
It's because we are ordinary
Bent your knees
Lower your forehead
May He forgive our sins. 

Aameen Ya Allah. :'(