Saturday, 28 February 2015

Assalamualaikum wbt

It was during my 18 when I decided to become a blogger. Yeah, I made. And now I'm 23. Time flies so fast. I have less than a year to graduate and spend time with my beloved classmates. So many things happened in these 4 years. So many things I learned throughout this journey. I am no longer the person who I was before. Mature, committed, full of passion, and I'm an adult right now. Whoa! Unbelievable! 

Ten years back, I was thinking how it feels when becoming a teenager.. what the issues that 20's women will be thinking and discussing about. LOL. And, what it feels when people starting asking about marriage. HAHAHA. And now, I pray so that people won't ask me the question at all! Yeah.. not even once. Pleasee....

Next year, InshaAllah I will be posted and officially become a teacher. May Allah ease everything and I have to be all-time-ready as I still know nothing where will I be posted to. Anyway, the school that I'll be going next year surely excited and happy to receive me! hahaha. :p Aameen. hahaa

p/s: Pray for me ya friends. :)