Sunday, 4 October 2015

Later or Never?

I cry inside my heart
Because it is too painful
Till the tears unable to flow
Till my silence describes everything
That words can't.

It requires strength 
To hold these so tight
From people's sight
And let only me face the night
I struggle to fight
Till the day is once again, bright.

I pray harder
Hope for the better
Waiting for my future
Will it come later
Or never?

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Journey of my life

When things came from nowhere unexpectedly
It freaked me out
Too many to feel
Destroy my dreaming wishes
How could it be?

I tried hard
To step up
To rebuild
To regain
To proceed 
This journey
But somehow
I stuck
In my own path.

I stopped there
Thinking out loud might help
I guessed.
When I started
My brain won't assess the letters;
Kept working
Till days and nights
Are meaningless
The only thing that I searched for 
was a meaningful journey of my life
That I had before
Where they are all had gone?