Thursday, 14 June 2012

My Deepest Sincere Letter :-)


Dear my future husband,
There's nothing I ask for, except you bring me close to Him.
No matter what, guide me and never let me alone, 
Keep loving me till the end. 
Do love me because of Allah.
Do care of me because of Allah.
Let our marriage shines with barakah.
Please, I wanna be a good wife till I get a place in Jannah. 
Let us pray for asking Allah places us together again later.

Dear future husband,
Still, I do not know who you are,
how you gonna looks like,
I keep praying in front of Kaaba,
Allah beautifies you with honor characters,
Allah makes our faith stronger and always bring us close to Him time by time.
O Allah !
Keep us from the fires of your An-Nar.. 

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