Thursday, 9 May 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt...

There are times and moments
Which we spent with people we love
Share all things together
That we do not simply say
to any people.

Those precious moments
Will be one of sweet memories
And as a cure
When we really miss it.

Certain things that being the barrier
Relation barrier, I guess
Starts as we talk about another person
Back in the past.

Past means 'memory',
It may be unforgettable 
Since you share it with me
Deep in my heart
I don't see any benefit from it
Neither for me nor for you.

My face begins to remain silent
Only empty smile on my face
If you know me well
It shows what  my heart feels.

Best friend, does not mean
Always happy,
Never get offended,
It worst that that.
Only being with people we love and care most
We show the real feeling
The real me!

Best friend does not mean
Always have the same opinion
It might be always different
But, its not the matter
If we know how to handle it.
Respect people's thought,
People's do's and dont's
Simple isn't it?

Why must we keep on 
defending our opinion
Without considering other people's feeling?


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