Monday, 25 February 2013

Because Your Wife DOES NOT WORK....???"

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I would like to share this dialogue between a husband and a psychologist.
Because it really touched me!

A husband complains for feeling tired... tired and tired.... and wants his wife help him on earning money by also working, because so far he thinks that his wife is 'not working'.

Following are Question and Answer between The Husband (H) and The Psychologist (P):

P : What do you for a living Mr. Khan?
H : I work as an Accountant.

P : Your Wife ?
H : She doesn't work. She's a Housewife only.

P : Who make breakfast for your family in the morning?
H : My Wife, because she doesn't work.

P : At what time your wife wake up for making breakfast?
H : She wakes up at around 5am because she cleans the house first before making breakfast.

P : How do your kids go to school?
H : My wife take them to school, because she doesn't work.

P : After taking kids to school, what does she do?
H : She goes to the market, then go back home for cooking and laundrying clothes. You know, she doesn't work.

P : In the evening, after you go back home from office, what do you do?
H : Take rest, because i'm tired due to all day works.

P : What does your wife do then?
H : She prepares meals, serving our kids, preparing meals for me and cleaning the dishes, cleaning the house then taking kids to bed.

From the story above, who do you think works more???

The daily routines of your wives commence from early morning to late at night. That is called 'DOESN'T WORK'??!!

Yes, Being Housewives do not need Certificate of Study, even High Position, but their ROLE/PART is very important!


Please appreciate your wife/mom as she has done a lot of things instead of complaining about the house chores. You (husband) are the one who should help her out because it's not your wife's work but it's yours! Be thankful please.. :'(

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