Thursday, 10 January 2013

Challenge myself! Chaiyokk!

Assalamualaikum wbt..

:-) I'm going to challenge myself. Hopefully I can do my best. This is a dream that has been ignored for a long time. I shouldn't abandon it any longer. Enough is enough. I just started today actually. But, so far, I encounter such a huge obstacle! :'( Be patience. It's ok. Everything will be ok after a month Insha Allah. Im gonna see the result after a month. 

Now, the crucial part that I learn so far is ISTIQAMAH. It's not as easy as the words spelled. It has a deep meaning. Without ISTIQAMAH, everything will ruin. I put a big effort on it. It shows how high my HOPE is. :') When they ask me why I do this. I just smile. Sometimes, something can't be explained by words. It is because the reasons why I do this are more than what they think of. Yes, I know what is in their mind. No worries. I don't take it to my heart. *wink wink. 

What kind of result that I will get, it shows how it works and the efforts that I have put in. And, the most important thing is, my SATISFACTION! 

May ALLAH bless! <3 Ameen!

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