Thursday, 10 May 2012

I can feel it !

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. 

For those who read this entry, please do read it till the end. I just wanna have ur comments about falling. What kind of falling ? Of course.. the word which is collated for that is falling in love. Ahaks~ 

Hopefully, we can get something from this entry.

Have you guys heard about love and hate because of Allah ?

Sure, right ? You are supposed to know that. ^^ It's because, Islam doesn't ask us to put our own feelings (love/ hate) based on an individual instead of evaluating the deeds. If someone commits wrong deeds, you shouldn't hate the person, yet, hate the wrongs that he had done. Or another way round. 

But, it's not the main subject that I'm gonna talk about. 

=) Love.. Ohh.. I think that is really disturbing kind of feeling if we are not capable enough to cope with that. Isn't it ? 

Allah creates love of course because He knows all of us, animals, human beings, trees, insects and everything need LOVE. Can you imagine how this world gonna looks like without LOVE ? Ya Allah.. Unimaginable.

I just wanna share my opinions about LOVE with you. Never mind if you personally does not agree with me. =D That's 'adat' in giving opinion, right ?

For me.. Love is....

"Real love is such a feeling which is used to be falling on the same person without knowing the exact reasons." 

or, in the simple words...

"We keep on falling in love with the same person and do not know why.."

Agree ? 

Someone been told me that one of the 'clue' or 'petunjuk' of jodoh is by that way. Is't ? I don't know. Allah has His own plan and He is the BEST PLANNER.. :)


1) Love is 'fitrah'. Do not stain it. Keep it fresh until you meet the one who is written for you. Can you imagine how sincere you are when you keep waiting for the right one ? =') Allah knows it. Don't worry.

2) If you are ready enough, physically, mentally, knowledge and so on, it's fine if you wanna proceed to the next step. May Allah eases us =')

3) Let us pray that Allah will bestow us with soleh/solehah partner as well as zuriat yang soleh/solehah. 

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