Friday, 2 March 2012

Love Partner?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. ^^

Kaifahalukum? Mudah-mudahan tubuh anggota dan juga hati kita berada dalam kedaan sihat walafiat. 

Sometimes, I do think, what is actually the most important thing that we should think of? Is that putting big effort in searching Mr. and Mrs Right? Or spending more time in thinking how to get a best partner? Why I keep saying about partner? Because this day, I find that majority of us so busy and sometimes worried just simply because of NO partner. I have no comment about that as I considered it as a level which the person is not matured yet. When it comes to certain moment, finally they or the person will feel that there ARE something which are much more important than having or searching a partner. 

I have been questioning myself..

We say that we do believe in Allah. But, why all of us keep searching one for them? Is that sounds like we are not believing in Qada' and Qadar? If so, why not we just leave that matter to Allah. Let He solves it for us because He already wrote it there. Why we did waste our precious time for that?

Just be prepared.

The time will come as it has been written for us.

Allah never ever breaks His words, instead, we are the one who always do that!

With the rest of time that we have,
Find yourself a space,
Where Allah can 'stay' in.

Learn how to love Allah,
InsyaAllah, other loves will be following.

Strive for Mardhotillah.

Marriage or love partner is not so important.
Islam needs us more.
Pray for our ikhwah.


  1. are you stole my reason why im not have a gf?? :) just kidding :D jgn marah ye :) and I like this post ^^ nice.

  2. hehe. ya ka? TERcuri kot. hehe. Kdg2 diri sndiri penah wat salah. Tp xpalah kan, tu la khidupan. kita xsempurna. jd, sapa2 yg nak brubah or perlukan 1 sebab napa de perlu berubah, i think I have given u the most concrete reason y u shud do so. InsyaAllah. Kuatkan hati, asal kita bkendak saja, InsayAllah Allah pemudahkan.

  3. nice post. we always hope to have good life partner in love and i also look for those who love me. and wait them to express first.

  4. let them to express first? :) ok then. Hopefully, all of us get a soleh/soleha partner.. Ameen.