Saturday, 14 January 2012


Looking at people who are in love,
I've been thinking something..
It must be so charmed, right?
It must be much much happier if
I'm the one been in that moment!

I forgot something.
Islam is perfect.
Because the One who create is The Perfectionist!
Impossible if there is no guide for love..
I wonder and keep puzzling..

This is what I've been searching for!
"Women of purity are for men of purity, 
and men of purity are for women of purity."(Quran 24:26)
So, errr... 
Is that necessarily to have boyfriend, girls?
*Do answer me!!
*I'm seeking for that~~

Look, my dear..
No need at all to have a partner,
Just wait, Allah will settle all that.

Allah creates love isn't to waste it..
Nor simply give it to people
who has no right..
Rethink girls..

Sheikh Mamdouh said,
“I tell the boys and the girls, 
Allah has written the name of your spouses for you. 
What you need to work on is your relationship with Allah SWT. 
He will send him or her when you are ready. 
It’s only a matter of time.."

Oh Allah..
Forgive me..
I have been searching for your servant..
I even not trying hard to get your love..
Do close my heart till the right time..
Please.. Protect my love till I met the right one..
Do pour down your love till I can't even see
anyone except You..
Forgive me.. ="(

"Falling in love is nature..
To love is nature,
If the love going through the right way
It's noble and honorable..
If isn't that way,
Exactly contemptible!"

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