Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt

I danced blissfully
Enjoying the sunset of my day
I did whatever I wanted to
I ran
I walked
I fell
I stood up again
Begun to run again.

Even I got hurt
It never left scars
It healed quickly
And the pain flew away
Without I realized.

I know that 
I am not the same person anymore
I am a new version of me
Grow my own world
What's wrong with me?
I am weird of my own self!

I always fall down
I don't have the strength to wake up
No more energy to run
I couldn't walk as cool as I were
Where's all my spirit gone away?
My world seems smaller
I couldn't do whatever I love to
Even though I am so eager
There's something blocking me.

I am declaring to the whole world
I don't wanna be a weak person any longer
I am strong 
I am beautiful as I see myself in the mirror
I am pretty as I see myself in the camera
I am so lucky to be myself
Having mine as myself..

There's no way
For pains, scars, tears to leave their marks
No way!
I won't allow all of you to destroy my remaining life
I wanna beautify it with brighter colours
I wanna enjoy every second of my life 
With things that make me smile
All the time!

Please don't ever you show yourself again
Go away!


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