Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sekadar 'wanita' biasa :)

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Alhamdulillah, praise to Him, the Almighty who always be there and gives so much to us including the molecules that we use to breathe right now. Alhamdulillah. All praises belong to Him.

Recently, I watched a video promoted a convention on Nikah ITU Cinta. However, the thing that captured my heart was the background song for the video. I immediately ask Kak Irah the title of the song and started searching for it by asking help from Uncle Google. Thank God! I found it. Unfortunately, the original one is not the same as the one that I listened to. #Frust~ 

Never mind.. 'It's just a song', I mumbled to myself. While I was watching other videos on the YouTube, I saw a video with the same title "Sekadar Lelaki Biasa" by Feelhoney. Then, I said to myself, 'just click lah..'  Fine!!! This is the one that I've been searching for!! OMG! My heart is melting when it comes to the chorus part.. It brings a deep meaning to me.. Feel like crying.. T.T

Here we go.. This is the video that I mentioned just now..

Wajah nan rembulan
Meruntun jiwaku 
Tiap tutur kata 
Penuh keimanan 

Tetapi diriku
Berbeda denganmu 
Aku hanya insan penuh kejahilan 

Adakah mungkin kan ku miliki kasih 
Atau sekadar dalam hati

Ya Allah perkenankan doaku 
Jadi ku halal baginya 
Menemani mimpi indahku
Ku bertanya... 

Adakah harus ku kata 
Ku sayang dia
Ku cinta dia
Siapalah aku
Sekadar lelaki yang biasa 

Cintaku tak bererti memilikinya 
Tapi cukup sekadar doa 
Bahgiaku untuknya..

Well, I've used the chorus part of this song as my phone ringtone. :) hehe. Everyday I listen to this song as I personally feel that this song means so much to me and it also appears as my du'a especially the chorus part.. 

" Ya Allah..
Perkenankan do'aku jadikan ku halal baginya
Menemani mimpi indahku
Ku bertanya..
Adakah harus ku kata
Ku sayang dia
Ku cinta dia
Siapalah aku
Sekadar wanita yang biasa
Sekadar wanita biasa..."

The end

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